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UPDATE: New Packages Launching Wed April 19 by 11AM

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How it works

  • - DonateAndGet.com is the only website that is presently still paying out fast
  • - Donate an Amount and Get paid Double Within One Hour to 14 Days
  • - Join on any Package and Donate to the Person You are Merged With
  • - You have only 4 hours to pay so it is better if you have mobile banking to send and confirm payments
  • - Make Sure You Call the person first to make sure that they can confirm you quickly
  • - When that Person Confirms Your Payment, Two People Will Be Merged to Pay You within One hour to 14 days.
  • - No Referrals Required but you earn an extra bonus when you refer people in to register
  • - Donation sites like this come with some risk so please ONLY USE money that you can afford to lose
  • - Do not confirm anyone until you check your account balance. Don't depend on alert only as this can be faked
  • - After you have been paid, you must recycle by donating again within 24 hours
  • - And make sure to give your TESTIMONY on social media and invite friends when you get paid
  • - If we all work together we can make this platform last long and keep paying


  • - Starter: N10,000 to Get N20,000
  • - Basic: N25,000 to Get N50,000
  • - Silver: N50,000 to Get N100,000
  • - Remember to share on Facebook, Whatsapp and all social media when you get paid!

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Payments Made
Amount Donated

Select a package below


₦ 10000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Bonus

  • ₦ 20000
    Return Investment

Giver (NEW)

₦ 15000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Bonus

  • ₦ 30000
    Return Investment


₦ 25000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Bonus

  • ₦ 50000
    Return Investment

Helper (NEW)

₦ 30000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Bonus

  • ₦ 60000
    Return Investment


₦ 50000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Bonus

  • ₦ 100000
    Return Investment

Gold (NEW)

₦ 75000
  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Referral Bonus

  • ₦ 150000
    Return Investment


  • At first I was having so many doubts but I just decided to try and see. The first time I PH I was merged and paid within few hours. I recycled and was merged and paid within few hours again. This is wonderful

    Elvis Otumun
  • Wow finally I have found the one that is really paying. Although I was afraid initially but I joined around 1pm and was paid around 4pm (about 3 hours) this is really fast and sure

    Mrs Maria Atine
  • I saw your advert on facebook with so many negative comments but I needed money desperately so I decided to risk 10,000 this morning and to my surprise I was paid this afternoon. I then recycled to N25k immediately and this evening two people paid me. I am so glad and I will recycle on 50k next

    Maimuna Danladi Kaduna
  • They really said this one will be better than MMM now I believe. una do well o, i don collect N50k two times now

    Edith Akpan